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Tesco could be lining up a fibre broadband package

Tesco may be ready to unveil a new fibre broadband package to customers, following a discovery of the information on its website.

Tucked away on the supermarket’s broadband pricing information page is a reference to the fibre service. Currently, on Tesco’s main page this fibre service does not show up with the supermarket leading potential customers towards its standard 14Mbps ADSL2+ offerings.

The discovery was made by ISPreview, when carrying out a sweep of Tesco’s prices for its database update. It said there were vague mentions of fibre on tis pricing information page.

After conducting a further  search of Tesco’s broadband domain, it unearthed a product information page for Tesco Fibre Broadband.

The secret fibre package offers download speeds of up to 38Mbps, unlimited downloads and clubcard points on every bill.

The supermarket is also touting a UK call centre for support calls and a free wireless router (with a  £5 one-off delivery charge). There is a £50 one-off charge if you take out a 12-month contract although this is waivered for those taking out an 18-month contract. There is also a £45 charge for a “Fibre Activation Fee”.

The fibre package costs £7.50 per month for the first six month, rising to £15 per month for the remainder of the contract.

Existing users of Tesco broadband can’t upgrade to the service according to another page on the site.

“If you currently have both a broadband and a homephone service with us, unfortunately we currently cannot upgrade you to fibre. We’re working on this and plan to roll it out Spring/Summer 2014,” read a statement on its help and support website.


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