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Tetris rotates its way to Roku 3 and Streaming Stick

Everyone’s favourite shape-turning game Tetris is now available for Roku 3s and Streaming Sticks.  

The classic puzzler which helped launch Nintendo’s Gameboy and make creator Alexei Pajitnov a household name can now be downloaded from the Roku Channel Store in the UK and Ireland. 

You can download a free version of the game, which gives you access to play-until-you-lose Marathon mode or get the full version for $4.99 (£3.18) which gives you a wider selection of game modes. 

Tetris rotates its way to Roku 3 and Streaming Stick
Twist and Shout: Relive past Christmases with Tetris on your Roku

To celebrate the fact that the game is now over 30 years old, players can choose a special retro version of the classic Tetris theme from the settings. 

Tetris joins a number of other retro titles on the Roku Channel Store including Galaga and Pac-Man: Championship Edition. Roku’s hardware doesn’t quite have the same processing power as Amazon’s Fire TV nor does it benefit from being able to access high-end Android games like Blitz Brigade and Dead Effect. Roku’s gaming efforts are very much aimed at the casual player. Who doesn’t love Tetris though?

In recent non-gaming news, Google Play Movies & TV recently touched down in the RokuChannel Store. This gives customers access to a wide range of the latest shows and movies, with searches and cast ID information powered by Google. The service also gives away free titles every week, to be watched online, on your Android device or through your Roku device. 


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