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‘Text my husband/wife’ apps turn smart watches into digital chastity belts

If you’re sold on the idea of getting a smart watch because you think they’ll turn you into some sort of connected Casanova, think again. 

Mobile phones already afford couples with commitment issues countless opportunities to spy on each other – but if you’re the type of person who will carry on regardless of your significant other(s) feelings, you can always turn the GPS of your phone off or juggle pay as you go phones to keep one step ahead. 

Location-based tracking services like mSpy can be foiled if you don’t happen to have your phone about your person – or you use another phone to keep your little black book updated. 

Related: What is IFTTT and how can I use it to hack my life?But with a watch, a device that’s almost permanently attached to your body, you don’t have that element of plausible deniability. 

IFTTT recipies like ‘text my partner when I leave work’ – there are his n’ hers versions here and here – mean if you’ve been caught in the act and your better half has made it clear this can’t happen again, they’ll be able to use the magic of technology to keep you on your toes. 

This basically turns that fancy watch you’ve shelled out hundreds of pounds for into an expensive chastity belt. 

Alternatively, if  ‘distance control’ roleplay is what you and your partner are into (as sane, healthy consenting adults, obviously) then this could actually be a good thing. Going out on a limb, depending on how deep into the power exchange dynamic you want to go, something like this might be more suitable

In any case, maybe being honest with your partner about the kind of sex life you both want would be a good place to start, whether you’ve got a smart watch or not. 


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