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Best TV shows and boxsets on the TalkTalk TV store

We round up the best TV shows that you can buy or rent on the TalkTalk TV store in 2017, including addictive boxsets to binge-watch over winter.

The TalkTalk TV Store, formerly known as Blinkbox, is a great place to buy and binge on telly shows both old and new. This online store is packed with digital boxsets to please every kind of couch potato, from comedy fans to lovers of super-tense, horribly violent crime dramas.

And unlike services like Netflix, which charges a set monthly fee for all-inclusive access, the TalkTalk TV Store allows you to pick and choose what you watch – with an option to either rent a show and watch each episode within 48 hours of when you start, or buy and keep your chosen content.

Here’s our pick of the very best shows that you can buy or rent from the TalkTalk TV store right now.

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Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: Mr Robot

Even if you think that hacking is something hillbillies do to clueless backpackers in ropey horror movies, there’s loads to love about techno thriller TV show Mr Robot. Amazon’s brilliant crime drama is onto its second series now and it’s well worth catching up on TalkTalk TV if you have any love for tense, cushion-clenching television.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: Game of Thrones

Surely HBO’s epic Game of Thrones needs no introduction. This adaptation of George R R Martin’s sweeping fantasy series is even better than the books, trimming the fat and bringing us some of the most horrific and memorable TV moments of the past few years. Warning: contains large amounts of flesh and squidgy blood-letting.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: American Horror Story

Although it lost its way after season two (depending on who you ask), American Horror Story’s first two series were truly remarkable, as compelling as they were harrowing to watch. Thankfully in 2016 AHS has found its feet again, with the excellent sixth season. Watch them all or skip the lesser seasons right now on the TalkTalk TV Store.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: Ash vs The Evil Dead

If you’re a fan of schlocky horror, then Ash vs The Evil Dead is a must-watch. The TV show stars Bruce Campbell as the ultimate anti-hero, Ash, picking up several years after his escapades in Army of Darkness. Even if you haven’t seen the original Raimi trilogy, this telly spin-off will tickle your funny bone and satisfy any gore hounds too.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: Toast of London

Few people seem to have heard of this excellent British comedy show, starring Matt Berry as struggling actor Toast. Berry’s impeccable timing and some truly surreal moments make Toast of London well worth seeking out.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: Futurama

Now two decades old, Matt Groening’s excellent sci-fi show is still as hilarious as ever despite facing the executioner’s axe on more than one occasion. You can also grab Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers and a host of other great animated comedies on TalkTalk TV, to lighten up those dull commutes.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: Grey’s Anatomy

Medical mischief abounds in Grey’s Anatomy, a show which focuses more on the eclectic cast of characters and their increasingly complex relationships than the grisly matters of everyday hospital life. You can marathon every series of the show right now on TalkTalk TV.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: The Muppets

We were sceptical at first about a reboot of The Muppets, until we were about five minutes into the first episode. The gags are thrown non-stop at your face and you’ll rarely have a moment to catch your breath in-between the countless belly laughs as Kermit tries to keep the new Muppets show from bombing horribly. Not an easy task when you have the ever-terrifying Miss Piggy to deal with.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: Better Call Saul

You definitely don’t need to have seen and enjoyed the wonderful Breaking Bad to get a kick out of Better Call Saul. Sure, lots of familiar faces pop up in this spin-off show, focused on dodgy lawyer for hire Saul Goodman, but the plot is completely separate and lighter of tone than the original series. There’s still some shocking moments and plenty of nerve-shredding plot twists, of course, making Better Call Saul one of the best shows of recent times.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: Fargo

The two ten-episode seasons of Fargo include some of the most thrilling, shocking and incredible TV moments of all time, and anyone with a sensitive stomach better stay well away. Hapless characters are dispatched in all manner of gruesome ways as terrifying criminals and unfortunate innocents cross paths. The result is a taut and tense crime show that demands back-to-back binge watching. Billy Bob Thornton has never been more horrifying.

Best TalkTalk TV Store shows 2017: The Bridge

If you don’t mind subtitles, then Danish/Swedish thriller The Bridge is well worth a watch. Each series deals with a fresh and suitably grim case, involving all manner of eyebrow-raising plot twists. But it’s the fantastic characters, headed up by the socially inept Saga, that really makes The Bridge compelling viewing.


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