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The Cloud partners with Janet to provide on-campus Wi-Fi

The Cloud has signed a deal to provide wireless access to colleges and universities.

The agreement with Janet, part of the Jisc group that provides network infrastructure to further and higher education institutions in the UK, will see these institutions connected with Janet to provide public wireless internet access to guests while on campus. This service will run separately to student Wi-Fi service in these institutions, enhancing the experience of guest lecturers, visitors, students’ families and prospective students by providing fast connectivity during their visit.

Janet said that the partnership would mean it could offer universities and colleges significant savings by using existing infrastructure and by reducing management overhead and support costs.

Credit: Andrew Dunn/Wikimedia

The service offered by The Cloud not only takes care of all the regulatory requirements, but as a turnkey or “off-the-shelf” offering, it can be deployed quickly and allows institutions to scale Wi-Fi capacity up or down, making use of existing Janet infrastructure to cater for events which see an influx of visitors.

“There’s a growing demand from our community for the ability to provide a public Wi-Fi offering. This sentiment has been reiterated countless times.” said Tim Marshall, Technology and Infrastructure executive director at Jisc. “Being able to offer an externally managed end user Wi-Fi service means our customers can provide a product without having to worry about the complexities of running two different Wi-Fi networks.”

Vince Russell, managing director at The Cloud, said: “Partnering with such a well-established and trusted organisation as Janet shows our intent and commitment to being the industry leader in provision of public Wi-Fi in educational establishments across the UK. In an age where mobile and internet are so key to everyday life, Wi-Fi will provide a valuable asset to these establishments as they look to expand on the services they offer.”


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