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The rise of the virtual fitting room: does my bum look big on this screen?

Worried your online clothes shopping won’t fit? There’s now a virtual changing room called

The new technology lets you enter your measurements and see your new apparel on a virtual body matched to your shape and size.

There’s also a ‘fit advisor’ which recommends the best size for your body – instead of hoping you’ll squeeze into the size you’re wishing for.

These real-life photographs show the shopper how the garment will look on them, as they are virtually ‘wearing’ the items. The Virtual Fitting Room also gives warnings on whether an item might be too tight, too loose, too long, or too short. 

The viritual bodies are based on two manequins (male and female), and the photo-accurate, mirror-like images provide a real-life experience. also benefits the online retailer, as Heikki Haldre, co-founder and chief executive of, says: “Our own data says that we have reduced returns by about 30 per cent, with the best examples having reduced returns by 77 per cent.”

The technology also offers a Fit Advisor,  which is able to suggest the size that most accurately fits your body after you have entered your measurements. 


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