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Three’s 4G creeps out to 48 per cent of the UK population

Three has announced that its 4G mobile services are now available to just under half of the UK’s population. 

The UK’s smallest network says that 3.1 million of its 8 million customers can now get 4G which, according to Ofcom’s recent figures, delivers average download speeds of 10.7Mbps. 

Despite lagging behind rivals EE, O2 and Vodafone in speed tests, the telecoms regulator found that Three performed the best in overall satisfaction stakes

Three’s 4G creeps out to 48 per cent of the UK population
Three’s super-satisfying service is only going to get speedier and sexier

Three’s chief executive Dave Dyson said that customer satisfaction has never been higher. “The rollout of new capacity is progressing well and, most importantly for me, customer satisfaction is higher than ever,” said Dyson. “With an advanced 3G network already in place all our customers are able to benefit from a reliable and high performing network.” 

Three’s 4G footprint is dwarfed by EE’s which covers around 75 per cent of the population. Throughout next year, Three says that it’s 4G coverage will expand to 98 per cent, in line with Ofcom’s projections. 

Rollout of services on the lower 800MHz frequency will see Three able to plug rural not spots and provide better indoor coverage. 

Lower frequencies are better suited to such things as they can travel longer distances than services using high radio frequencies and penetrate buildings. 

Dave Dyson said: “The addition of low frequency spectrum is just one part of our plans to expand Three’s coverage and bring our network to more people in more places in 2015.”

Three’s parent company Hutchinson-Whampoa is also rumoured to be interested in a merger with EE or O2, as is BT

While BT is confirmed to be in talks with both EE and O2, it’s not yet been confirmed if Hutchinson is talking to either network. 


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