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Torrent site EZTV could be blocked by UK ISPs

Popular torrent site EZTV looks to be the latest site subject to blocking measures applied by the UK’s big ISPs.

The website that specialises in TV shows from both sides of the Atlantic, from 10 O’Clock Live to Zero Hour, is in the firing line of rights holders, sources close to the matter tell us.

We understand that no court orders have been handed to any UK ISPs at the time of writing. History suggests that BT, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk will demand a court order first before taking action.

EZTV – you could download all those American Dad! episodes or watch them on BBC Three.

Read Recombu Digital’s report on UK ISPs blocking file sharing​Given the nature of the content available its expected that court orders will be issued at the behest of the MPA, which represents the interests of big US names like Walt Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal and Warner Bros as well as rights holders for UK-produced content.

Court orders to block access to sites like The Pirate Bay and Movie2k contain a caveat whereby ISPs will be required to update a block list of proxy sites as and when they appear. Because EZTV is a separate entity, a separate court order will be needed to force ISPs to enable blocking measures. 

Elsewhere, we’ve heard that another fils sharing site YIFY-Torrents, which provides HD and 3D movie rips, could also be facing a UK block soon. None of the big UK ISPs have provided comment so far on EZTV or YIFY-Torrents.


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