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Totally Wireless: Broadband Rollout Roundup 12/10/2012

Broadband in its various forms has been reaching out to new locations and communities up and down the country this week, which ended with the dramatic event on Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, the Gaelic college on the Isle of Skye today.

BT has been busy continuing to upgrade more exchanges for FTTC, wireless broadband beams down to St. David’s Cathedral in Wales and the Eden Valley in Lancashire while Virgin Media has announced that 40 per cent of its own network can now access top download speeds of 120Mbps.

This is Broadband Rollout Roundup for the week ending 12/10/2012.

BT brings FTTC to 43,700 locations in Wales and Northumberland

Two exchanges in Wales have been greenlighted for fibre this week. Around 12,400 local homes and firms connected to the Llandaff exchange in Cardiff can now order in FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband.

Some 10,400 homes and businesses on the Pontypool exchange can also get BT Infinity broadband as well.

Outside of the Land of my Fathers, BT has enabled the Ashington and Hexham exchanges in Northumberland, bringing higher speeds to 15,000 and 5,900 homes and businesses respectively.

St. Davids Cathedral gets 10Mbps wireless broadband

TFL Group this week announced that it had set up a 10Mbps service in the grounds and offices of St. Davids Cathedral in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, west Wales.

St. Davids is an area that’s been historically plagued by sub-broadband speeds – services were so bad on the traditional phone lines that even making normal voice calls were a tough ask.

But TFL Group has used cash from Wales’ Broadband Support Scheme (BSS) scheme to bring faster-than-the-current-UK-average speeds to the Cathedral. TFL Group has also brought wireless broadband to surrounding villages and communities. Thanks to the local exchange being so far away from the city of St. Davids, something other than traditional ADLS (maybe sub-loop unbundling?) will be needed to bring the area up to speed.

Wireless internet goes live in the Eden Valley

LonsdaleNET has also been busy beaming wireless broadband to remote regions of the UK this week. Residents of the Eden Valley in Cumbria can now sign up for 10Mbps and 60Mbps broadband services right now.

Cumbria is one of the worst-connected regions of the UK, so hearing about wireless broadband projects in the region is pretty common.

Previous Cumbrian community projects have included Bentley Walker reconnecting the Luddon Valley and Everything Everywhere successfully bringing 20Mbps 4G fixed location broadband to Threkfeld.

Virgin Media brings 120Mbps speeds to 40 per cent of its network

Virgin Media hasn’t been reaching out to anywhere outside its network this week, but it announced that it has been busy with its Speed Doubling program, bringing 120Mbps download speeds to 40 per cent of its network.

Virgin Media is rolling out these updates free of charge to customers on its network which covers roughly 55 per cent of the UK.

Wireless broadband celebrated in the Highlands and Islands

From the towns and cities of Wales to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, wireless broadband has taken on a distinctly Celtic feel this week.

Parts of the Isle of Skye, the Knoydart peninsula, Arnisdale and Corran are able to benefit from fast wireless broadband as a result of the Tegola network.

Tegola and HUBS (High-Speed Universal Broadband for Scotland) is a joint effort between the University of Edinburgh, the University of Stirling the University of the Highlands and Islands and has serves 40 households and has proven to be more reliable in stormy conditions than the traditional phone lines.

Speeds of up to 20Mbps across the network are regularly enjoyed by residents, some of whom aren’t even connected to any roads, let alone a next generation fibre network.