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TP Vision’s latest Philips smart TV range announced

TP Vision, the company which owns the Philips brand, has unveiled its first range of smart TV sets for 2013.

Starting at the high end, there’s the PFL8008 series going through PFL7008, PFL6008 and PFL5008 all the way down to the PFL4208.

All models in the range are LEDs with Full HD 1080p resolution and the majority of them – from the PFL5008 upwards – feature Philips’ trademark Ambilight system.TP Vision’s latest Philips smart TV range

Ambilight consists of two to three coloured light strips on the top and sides of the screens which change colour depending on what’s happening on the screen for added ambient light effects.

TVs from the PFL6008 series and upwards also come with a smart remote that lets you navigate menus by pointing as well as a keyboard for more natural typing and web browsing.

Additionally, all smart TV’s in the TP Vision Philips range work with the Philips MyRemote App for iPhone and Android which lets your phone double as a multifunctional, smart remote. Now let’s take a closer look at how they all differ.

Starting at the highest end of the range, the PFL8008 sets come in premium stainless steel cases, a premium 2D/3D conversion experience and advanced content streaming services like Wi-Fi Miracast (a form of WiFi Direct) which lets you share content from your phones, tablets and other devices. 

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There’s also Wi-Fi Smart Screen, which lets you pause the action on your TV set and carry on watching on your phone or tablet, Nintendo Wii U style.

The PFL8008 series also features an integrated camera and the ability for you to make video calls via Skype.

TP Vision’s latest Philips smart TV range

The PFL7008 and 7108 TV series come with the same WiFi and Skype features that the PFL8008 has but these sets support passive 3D, unlike the active 3D of the PFL8008 panel. Stats-wise they’re identical, but the 7008 has a bezel-free front glass panel contained by a thin black aluminium rim and a silver strip on the front. The 7108 comes in a white case, stand and rear cover.

The PFL6008 also features a frameless design, passive 3D, WiFi sharing but the Ambilight feature is limited to just the sides and not the top of the set.

With the PFL5008 sets there’s no integrated camera, but you can connect a webcam to the TV set and action Skype video calls through that if you wish.

Sets from the PFL4008 range feature the WiFi sharing features from the rest of the range but don’t support video calls whether you’ve got a webcam or not.

TV sets from the TP Phillips range are due to go on sale across Europe later this summer. Pricing and exact release dates are thin on the ground right now but we’ll update in due course.


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