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TiVo trio set world record for TV binge watching

Three TV fans managed to watch 87 hours of recorded television and set a new world record in the process. 

As part of the TiVo TV binge-viewing world record attempt, Dan Jordan, Spencer Larson and Chris Laughlin sat through a number of TV shows and series over three days. 

The attempt began at 7pm on 6 January and ended at 10am on 10 January. Three participants started the attempt together and all finished together. Two Californians, who watched consecutive episodes of The Simpsons for more than 86 hours in 2012, held the previous world record for the longest marathon watching television. 

“When we arrived on Monday at 5pm we had no idea what we were in for,” said Dan Jordan on behalf of all three contestants. “It’s been a long week but it’s been fun. Thanks to TiVo for helping us achieve a world record.”

During the attempt, each participant received a five-minute break (for sleep, trips to bathroom, etc.) for every one hour of the attempt, in keeping with Guinness World Record regulations. The trio watched episode of Modern Family, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, and Friends, among others.

The three participants were allowed to eat and drink while watching TV, and could also change channels while looking at the screen, although talking on the telephone or reading was prohibited.

“This ultimate marathon to set the TiVo TV Binge-Viewing World Record was a true feat of persistence and we’re all really proud of our participants. The record was made possible by the enjoyment and passion for TV, as demonstrated by dozens of excited and patient volunteers from the Las Vegas tech community,” said Tom Rogers, president and chief executive of TiVo.

Image: TiVo


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