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Android Bob turns your telly into a communications centre

One of CES 2014’s most oddly-named products is Bob: an adaptor that plugs into your TV and allows people to communicate and share content to the screen from anywhere.

Bob plugs into any HDMI socket on a TV and is produced by Israeli firm Meet-Bob, which said the stick enables familes share favourite content and special moments with each other, even if they are on different sides of the world.

They can keep-in-touch using an additional web-cam and play games with one another, the Bob stick also enables people to view live TV channels, video on demand, games, apps, websites and educational books.

Sigalit Klimovsky, chief executive of Meet-Bob, said that while we connect more with a bigger group of people, we interact and communicate less with the people we care about, namely our families.

“We believe technology can do more for us and bring the people we love closer together and that’s what Bob is designed to do,” she added.

The device allows each member of a family to have their own log-in and parents can choose what times their kids can watch TV, or which websites they can visit. Children can also only communicates with people their parents have authorized, keeping them in a safe bubble even online.


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