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TV Advert switching on Xbox Ones

Xbox One owners are complaining that a new advert for Microsoft’s flagship gaming platform is switching on their consoles without their permission. 

The advert features Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul demonstrating the console’s voice-control capabilities by saying ‘Xbox on’.

Machines have started verbally communicating with machines.

The instruction given by Paul at the start of the advert has inadvertently had the effect of turning on viewers’ consoles.

A spokesman for Microsoft said that it had no comment at the time, but also noted that previous adverts had also featured voice commands. 

This is not the first time an advert for the Xbox One has seen users fall afoul of its voice controls. A previous advert for the console featured Arron Paul playing Titanfall and launching the game with the a voice command. 

This had the unintended consequence of launching the game on customer’s consoles. 

Xbox One owners have taken to social media and Reddit to voice their ire, with Twitter user StephenLucey writing ““Aaron Paul just launched Titanfall on my #XboxOne not cool bro” and Reddit user hardangelfan writing “Damn commercial keeps turning on my xbox! Lol”. 

The Xbox One was launched in November, 2013. It retails for £429 in the UK, and over four million units of the console have been sold. 


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