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Tweets with iPlayer and catch-up TV coming to Zeebox

Zeebox is poised to allow users to follow Twitter conversations around recorded, on-demand and catch-up as well as live TV.

The app will identify what users are watching by listening to the audio using technology supplied by Gracenote, who are best known for making it easy to catalogue your MP3 collection.

Zeebox will present relevant tweets and its own Zeetags as if the TV shows were running live, for anything shown in the last week.

Tweets with iPlayer and catch-up TV coming to Zeebox
Zeebox: turbo-charging couch potatoes

Read more about TV Companion AppsTV industry newspaper Broadcast quotes Zeebox co-found Anthony Rose, saying: “Zeebox will morph from being an app for live TV, to an app that works for seven-day catch-up shows.

“It’s an evolution of the service from something that relies on live-to-TV to a service that can be used at any time.”

The upgrade will launch within weeks as a trial in the USA, where research has shown that up to half the audience for some shows is now recorded or on-demand.

The new functionality will come to the UK later this year, but UK or US-registered users will also be able to use it if they’re watching in a different time zone, such via the international iPlayer.

Zeebox has been downloaded more than five million times to devices in the UK, US and Australia, where it’s launched so far.


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