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Twitch live streaming gaming channel fires up on Roku

A Twitch channel is now available for Roku players, letting gamers tune in to the exploits of players from around the globe. 

As well as being able to view content from the 1.5 million broadcasters with Twitch channels, viewers can also log in to their Twitch accounts to more easily view the channels they already follow as well as subscribe to new ones. 

Related: Roku adds Red Bull TV and CinemaNow to Channel StoreDespite Twitch already being available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, support for Roku is something that’s been in high demand from Twitch users. 

“The Twitch community has been asking for a Roku channel for a long time, and we’re finally able to deliver,” said Twitch’s director of business development Brooke Van Dusen. 

“Gamers are voracious consumers of content, with extremely tech-savvy media consumption habits. It’s now more important than ever for Twitch to be available everywhere gamers are, and increasingly, that’s on set-top boxes like Roku players and smart TV,” Van Dusen added. 

You can also tune in to Twitch online at or watch on your TV via Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. 

The new channel is available to download now on all Roku players, except for, at the time of writing, the Now TV Box


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