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UHD Alliance formed: US companies agree to agree on 4K TV standards

US broadcasters have formed the UHD Alliance, an industry body designed to define equipment standards for 4K TV. 

Mirroring the formation of the DTG’s UK UHD Forum on this side of the pond, the UHD Alliance will see tech companies including Dolby, LG, Netflix, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp working with media giants Sony, Disney, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros to develop and set the bar for 4K video. 

Standards for things including dynamic range, colour gamut and 3D sound will be set, helping manufacturers and US companies prepare for 4K Ultra HD broadcasts

Ron Sanders, president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment said: “These technologies allow us to utilize a much broader palette to tell our stories while providing viewers with true-to-life colors, superior contrast and premium picture quality.

“Working with a wide industry consortium is the best way to deliver these experiences within premium entertainment.”

The DTG is keen to work with the Alliance and share the findings if its own recent tests. Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG, said: “The DTG’s UK UHD Forum has brought together stakeholders in the Ultra HD ecosystem since 2013.

“We welcome the formation of the UHD Alliance and we look forward to engaging with them to mutually develop standards for best practice in the 4K arena alongside some of the world’s greatest technology and entertainment companies.”

The DTG has launched a series of 4K plugfests in order to determine interoperability of current Ultra HD kit and see where there’s room for improvement. 

Early 4K TVs that were rushed to market by overly-keen manufacturers turned out to be incompatible with Netflix’s 4K streaming service, forcing early adopters to pay through the nose twice. 

Results of the first test sessions are due to be published this May at the DTG’s annual summit. 


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