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UK Broadband Speed Map: How fast are connections in your area?

UK Broadband Speed Map: How fast are connections in your area?The Guardian wants to create the most up to date picture of the state of Broadband Britain by way of a big old Google Map. The map of the UK is currently pock-marked with coloured tags identifying which speeds are available where.

Red is for super-slow sub 2Mbps connections, blue is for download speeds between 2 to 20Mbps. Pink indicates speeds ranging from 20Mbps to 80Mbps – which you’re likely to get if you’re a Virgin Media or BT Infinity customer – and a yellow dot equals 80Mbps to 100Mbps.

If you’re lucky enough to get speeds surplus of 100Mbps, then your area will be marked with a glowing green dot.

UK Broadband Speed Map: How fast are connections in your area?Right now, the Guardian’s maps looks much like a political map of the UK after the last election – lots of blue everywhere.

We’ve spotted a couple of hotspots where there are super-fast 100Mbps+ speeds – Farnborough and Ormesby, Middlesborough.

We’ve also spotted some gaps. Bournemouth, where City Fibre Holdings has a presence, isn’t the hotbed of twinkling yellow and green lights it ought to be. This is because the Guardian’s map is a user-based survey, requiring your data, and therefore not yet a complete picture.

As well as needing info to populate the map with more coloured pins, the Guardian’s survey is also asking for the top speed which your ISP claims to provide. Expect to see something published on the gap between advertised and actual speeds at some point in the future…

Check out the Guardian’s map and Broadband Britain survey here.


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