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UK Broadband speeds 42 per cent slower, says survey of 3,000

UK Broadband speeds 42 per cent slower, says survey of 3,000The UK’s Broadband speeds are 42 per cent slower than advertised, claims a survey carried out by the Guardian.

Last week the paper launched a survey asking you, the Great British public, to perform speed tests and share results. The idea being that the results would paint a live picture of the state of Broadband Britain.

So far, only 3,000 people have submitted data to the Guardian, which doesn’t paint an accurate picture of broadband in the UK at all. Sure it’s early days yet and we’re interested to see how the Guardian’s map lights up the country.

But it is interesting to note that the survey simply asks you to do a single line check and then compare that result with the stated top ‘up to’ speed of your broadband package.

As pretty much everyone should know by now, unless you live a mayfly’s guff away from your telephone exchange (if you’re using ADSL broadband) then you’re not going to get close to the top speed advertised.

So it shouldn’t be that surprising to learn that there’s a discrepancy between the actual download speeds and the advertised maximum – they’re called ‘up to’ speeds for a reason.

Up to speeds are up to, obvious troll is obvious

To do a more comprehensive line check, use something like BT’s Broadband Performance Tester, which will not only give you the maximum download speed but give you an expected range of speeds, as well as help diagnose any problems with your phone line.

You should also perform speed tests at different times of day and under different conditions to get a more accurate picture of what service to expect. Check out our guides on speed test tools, how to optimise your broadband connection and how to perform a more accurate speed test.

Recent regulatory changes have forced ISPs to make you do a speed test up front before you hand over the cash, meaning you get a more accurate idea of the quality of service before you sign up.