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UK falls outside Akamai’s Euro broadband speeds top 10

Broadband speeds in the UK are falling behind the rest of Europe, according to recently published figures.

The UK fell outside the top 10 countries in EMEA for global average connection speeds at 9.1Mbps – a year-on-year increase of 45 per cent but ranking us 14th in the table. Ireland managed to slip into the number ten spot with global average speeds of 9.6Mbps.

However there was brighter news for Great Britain in terms of peak average connection speeds. The UK is seventh in EMEA for peak average connection speed, with 35.7Mpbs.

UK falls outside Akamai’s Euro broadband speeds top 10
The UK is playing broadband catch-up with Europe

The UK is playing broadband catch-up with Europe

“In the third quarter of 2013, we observed that long-term growth in average and average peak connection speeds remained strong, as did growth in global broadband and high broadband adoption rates,” said David Belson of content delivery network vendor Akamai.

“We believe these trends point to continued improvement in the quality and performance of Internet connectivity in countries around the world.”

Akamai’s third quarter State Of The Internet report for 2013, published this week, found connection speeds of 5Mbps, 2.9Mbps and 2.7Mpbs for three of the UK mobile operators’ data networks. Peak average connection speeds were 26.3Mbps, 14Mbps and 21Mbps – but Akamai refused to divulge which networks achieved what speeds.

The UK came sixth in a table measuring average page load times over broadband and mobile connections, with 3,481ms and 5,285ms respectively – that’s one-and-a-half times slower for mobile over normal broadband connections.

Image: Akamai


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