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UK Floods: BT deploys 700 new engineers to help restore lost broadband

BT Openreach has announced that its deployed an extra 700 engineers in addition to the 1000 currently out in the field working had to restore broadband in areas affected by the recent bad weather.

“The intake of faults over the weekend and into the start of this week remains significantly higher than average for this time of year,” a mailout to Openreach customers read. “In some areas this represents a 200 per cent increase in repair volumes since the beginning of the month.”

Flooding and relentless rain in what’s been described as one of the wettest June’s on record has seen BT declaring broadband outage as ‘beyond our reasonable control,’ in 15 areas. However, BT has announced that five of these areas have recently had their MBORC (‘Measures Beyond Our Reasonable Control’) status lifted, meaning that normal repair work can begin in:

  •     Gloucester
  •     Lea Valley
  •     Mid Wales
  •     Stoke
  •     Shrewsbury and Hereford

BT Openreach has also announced that contractual overtime will be extended from the 30th of June through to mid-September in order to clear the high volume of repair work needed. The mailout says “We believe this focus will ensure we return both repair volumes and provision lead times to planned levels as quickly as possible.”

Whether you’re a BT Broadband customer or not, chances are your ISP will use the Openreach network, meaning until repairs can start (due to street cabinets being flooded) you’re looking at some downtime. More on this and other affected areas as and when we hear it.