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UK storm damage to Cumbria broadband and phone lines repaired by BT

BT engineers have reported that customers in Cumbria who lost broadband and phone services due to the recent storms and floods have been reconnected. 

Repair teams for Openreach, BT’s network arm, announced that all repairs had been completed as of 23:59 on Thursday, January 16. 

Extensive damage to the Openreach network means that more work will need to be done before new customers in the affected areas can place orders. 

UK storm damage to Cumbria broadband and phone lines repaired by BT
One down, fifteen to go: Openreach teams head back out on the road

The recent extreme weather saw Openreach lumbered with a record number of repair jobs and the work to reconnect everyone has been slow and gradual. 

Openreach teams are working flat out and have prioritised the repair jobs in such a way that the work can get done as fast as possible. In the last seven days, BT has reconnected customers in Belfast, the north east and south west of Scotland and CrayfordA further 15 areas across the UK remain affected by the weather. 

Repair work is still needed in locations in and around North Wales, Mid Wales, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Truro, the East, Central and West Downs, Esher, Croydon Scotland’s Highlands & Islands, Exeter, Taunton, Bournemouth, Southampton and Guildford. 

The Environment Agency continues to report risks of further flooding as further showers and rain are forecast. Parts of Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, areas along the river Stour and Avon and parts of the Thames are still prone to flooding meaning that it could be a long time before repairs in southern England are affected. 

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