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University of Bath rolls out free Wi-Fi for visitors

The University of Bath has deployed a campus-wide wireless network for visitors to the academic institution.

The network was deployed by wireless internet provider The Cloud and will be available for free to all non-student visitors and accessible from any Wi-Fi enabled device.

The service provides Wi-Fi access across the entire campus through over 1,000 access points.

Credit:Adrian Pingstone/Wikimedia/CC

“We know that when visitors come to the University of Bath, they need to get online – whether that’s to do research, share documents or simply browse the web. Providing a fast internet connection is vital since we have so many people visit us each year.” said Neil Francis, network manager at the University of Bath.

Francis said that the free WiFi service is available across the campus from now.

“Initial usage figures highlight how popular the service is going to be – in the first month since roll-out, we saw over 10,000 users get online, with an average dwell time of more than two hours,” said Francis. “Clearly the demand for fast internet access from our non-student visitors is high and we are pleased to offer this service.”

Vince Russell, managing director at The Cloud, said: “Demand for Wi-Fi is constantly increasing. This is especially true of venues such as universities. Educational material is becoming more digital with lecturers sharing content via email and online portals.”

“The ability to work remotely for guest lecturers is essential,” he added. “Providing Wi-Fi access to other visitors such as prospective students and families of current students gives them an enhanced service when on the move. In an age where mobility is so key, the University of Bath has placed Wi-Fi at the forefront of their offering.”


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