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Upgraded BT Wi-fi app gives automatic hotspot sign-in with iOS

BT Wi-fi users can now connect automatically to hotspots on iOS devices, with a Windows 8.1 app in the pipeline.

The new iOS app offers a feature previously only available to users of Sky Broadband and The Cloud, but it’s not yet available on BT W-Fi’s Android app.

Auto-connection will also be included in the forthcoming Windows 8.1 BT Wi-fi app, for desktop, laptop and tablet devices.

Upgraded BT Wi-fi app gives automatic hotspot sign-in with iOS
iOS users can now auto-connect to BT Wi-fi hotspots

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to BT Wi-fiErik Raphael, director of BT Wi-fi and devices said, “Latest figures show that BT Wi-fi use has more than doubled in the last quarter to 6.6bn minutes. As demand is increasing, it makes sense that customers can automatically connect to our hotspots. 

“Our new iOS app connects a customer whenever they are near a hotspot without the need to open the app again. This makes it even easier to find and use BT Wi-fi.”  

While the iOS app simply connects to an available hotspot, the Windows 8.1 app will see the live tiles on their home screen change colour to indicate they’re online.

BT claims to have 5.2 million hotspots, including those created through many BT Broadband customers’ Home Hubs – a network formerly known as BT FON.

BT is currently beta-testing a new version of its BT Wi-fi Android app, which gives priority to your own Home Hub over FON when you’re at home.


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