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Uppingham Broadband Mast Project: £180,000 bid for 30Mbps broadband

Rutland residents don’t mess about when it comes to grassroots broadband. In addition to Rutland Telecom running FTTC and FTTP lines in the county, Uppingham First has announced that it’s applying for a £180,000 grant for the Uppingham Broadband Mast Project.

The project would see residents within a 25 mile radius of the mast able to enjoy download speeds of up to 30Mbps.

Though actually located in neighbouring Leicestershire, the villages of Hallaton and Somerby will be the first places to benefit from the Uppingham Broadband Mast Project once it’s live. Several Rutland parishes are keen to sign up for the project.

Uppingham Broadband Mast Project: £180,000 bid for 30Mbps broadband

If successful, cash from Defra’s RCBF (Rural Community Broadband Fund) pot which would cover 50 per cent of the project’s cost, which is valued at £360,000. The mast might also be used a part of a trial for 4G mobile services in the area.

September 26, 2012

What is the Uppingham Broadband Mast Project?

The Uppingham Broadband Mast Project is a rural broadband venture based in Uppingham, Rutland that’s being set up by Uppingham First.

Using wireless broadband, the mast will transmit broadband signals to homes and businesses over a 25 mile radius. This will see some places in neighbouring Leicestershire able to make use of Uppingham First’s services, even though they don’t live in Rutland.

The project is valued at £360,000, half of which is expected to be covered by Defra’s RCBF fund for rural broadband development. Uppingham First has announced that the project has already been approved by BDUK.

Uppingham First is a Community Partnership for Uppingham which became a limited company in January 2009. As well as proposals for a wireless broadband mast, the company is discussing recharging points for electric cars, championing Rutland Telecom for bringing superfast fibre broadband to the town.

Rutland Telecom’s Gigaclear fibre network will be bringing 1Gbps FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband to the Appleton area in October.