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Use your mobile number to buy PlayJam games on your smart TV

A new deal between GameStick makers PlayJam and mobile payments firm Boku means you’ll be able to buy games on your TV with your mobile number. 

The deal will see games landing on smart TVs from Samsung, LG and Panasonic that you’ll be able to pay for by entering your mobile number. Charges for games are then added onto your bill at the end of the month. No extra sign ups or credit card details are needed.

All of the UK networks have signed up for this and if your smart TV set can access PlayJam games, it should be a matter of days before updates are rolled out and you’ll be able to start doing this.

Use your mobile number to buy PlayJam games on your smart TV
Our amazing Artists Impression of what PlayJam on an LG smart TV won’t look like

PlayJam currently dominates the smart TV gaming arena, with 45 per cent of all games played in over 100 countries features on the PlayJam network.

Smart TV games are generally of the ‘casual’ variety, that is to say, match three-type puzzlers and racing games, designed to while away a few minutes while not requiring as much time investment as your traditional console games.

“We’re committed to bringing a seamless gaming and payments experience to all of our customers, regardless of market or device, and mobile payments through Boku will play a critical role in that commitment,” said Charles Tigges, Chief Commercial Officer for PlayJam.

“In some instances, a customer in the United States might use Boku to checkout on an LGE TV with one of our game publishers. In Germany, a Samsung TV owner might purchase a new game directly from PlayJam using Boku. Regardless of device, market or game title, the reduced friction available through carrier billing offers a great experience for the consumer, and that’s a benefit to everyone.”


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