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Veo is Flipboard for on demand TV and video (proof of concept)

Veo is an amazing-looking service that’s perhaps best described as a Flipboard or Pulse-style service but for video on demand.

Aggregating content from multiple platforms like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube, the idea behind Veo  – the Spanish word for ‘look’ – is to provide a one-stop shop for all your on-demand needs. No more logging in and logging out of multiple services in order to get what you want.

Speaking at today’s Digital Home World Summit in London, Smart Digital’s Director of Interaction Design Heather Martin said that “As a viewer, I don’t want to be joining 20 different services, paying for them and dipping in and out. It’s time consuming.”

The main idea of Veo is to make on-demand viewing more seamless and personalised. The gaps between the programmes – the dead air once an episode or movie finishes on iPlayer or Netflix – would be replaced with instant recommendations.

Veo is Flipboard for on demand TV and video (proof of concept)

In this sense it’s perhaps a bit more like than Flipboard – you could start watching one programme and then see where Veo’s recommendation engine, powered by your previous viewing history across YouTube, Vimeo and the rest, would take you.

Recommendations would also be powered by things you’ve liked and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, creating a bespoke on-demand service.

As well as creating your own personal TV channel, Veo also uses facial recognition to an interesting social effect.

As Veo uses facial recognition to identify you and start pulling in recommended shows, it can also recognise the faces of other people.

Veo is Flipboard for on demand TV and video

So provided others in your living room have Veo accounts, as more and more faces join the party, their recommended programmes are aggregated and added to the channel stream too. It’s a neat idea that stands to make on-demand viewing a lot more social and inclusive.

We got a very quick demo of a proof of concept app for iPhone in action (above) showing off this very feature. Sadly, we weren’t able to film a video of the demo at the event but we hope you get the idea.

In a chat with Recombu Digital, Martin and Smart Digital Interaction Designer Junior Castro said that there’s been no talk with broadcasters or content owners yet; the project has only just got to the proof of concept stage.

Martin said that advertisers could create tailored ads that were super-relevant to what people liked and had watched and slip these in between programmes. As of yet it remains to be seen if Netflix and the like will get on board – we hope that they do as being able to have all of your on-demand services in one basket would certainly save time.

Fingers crossed that Veo makes it past the proof of concept stage and arrives in our living rooms sometime in the near future.


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