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VIDEO New BBC iPlayer: Hands on with the new-look catch-up service

Today the BBC announced some new changes to the BBC iPlayer; better recommendations, better search and better catch-up. 

From today it’ll be even easier for you to find your favourite shows and discover content. A new responsive design style means that iPlayer will more or less look the same whether you’re viewing it through a web browser on a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop. 

As well as creating familiarity across devices, this approach means that rolling out changes to iPlayer across various platforms including iOS and Android shouldn’t be as fragmented as it has been in the past

VIDEO New BBC iPlayer: Hands on with the new-look catch-up service
The new responsive design of the BBC iPlayer will automatically scale to fit the screen size of whatever device you’re viewing it on

This means more people will be able to enjoy great features like the seven day catch up menu that lets you scroll through BBC channels from the last seven days, YouView style

However, while you’ll be able to experience the new-look version of iPlayer for yourself on phone and tablet web browsers today, you won’t be able to experience it on every device and TV out there for a while yet. 

For those of you who are unable to get the new iPlayer working on your phone or tablet or you can’t access the preview version on your desktop, the video below shows you what changes to expect over the next few months. 

We were able to catch up with Dan Taylor, head of BBC iPlayer who was able to talk us through the big changes, why this is good news for iPlayer users and how iPlayer will get better in the future. 


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