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Film fans need both Netflix and Lovefilm in the UK

Movie buffs in the UK would need to take out subscriptions to both Lovefilm and Netflix to make sure they could see their favourite films.

Research has found that there is very little overlap between the video libraries of Lovefilm and Netflix. Video-on-demand aggregation service TankTop Movies discovered that out of 1,831 films on Netflix, 1,572 of them were unique to Netflix. On LoveFilm it found 2,288 films, of which 2,028 were unique.

“One thing that really surprised us is that Netflix and LoveFilm only share 259 movies,” said Ian Unsworth, co-founder of TankTop TV.

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to online film discovery services, Netflix and Lovefilm“It goes to show that if you want a full range of content you are going to need to use more than one on-demand service.”

TankTop Movies also looked at average critic and audience scores for movies across both services, using the Rotten Tomatoes scores featured on Flixster: Netflix scored 40 compared to 27 on LoveFilm; the audience score was 58 on Netflix and 48 on LoveFilm.

The Tanktop Movie service works by building up a personalised watchlist of movies drawn from BlinkBox, LoveFilm, Now TV, iPlayer, Netflix, Sky Go, Film4oD and Virgin Movies.

TankTop users can see which movies are on which service, and go direct to the player they want if they have a subscription.


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