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Vimeo upgrades captions and subtitles in bid for accessibility

Streaming site Vimeo is expanding its subtitling and translation services, bringing more content to wider audiences. 

As well as launching a Japanese-language version of the site, the on-demand provider is making new subtitling services available to directors, meaning viewers who rely on visual captions should soon be able to tap into a greater range of content. 

Ofcom has been pushing for content creators to deliver better captions for viewers with accessibility issues. While Amazon has made plans to add better subtitles to its content, customers have complained that nothing has changed since May. 

Vimeo captions can be translated to languages including Spanish

Accessibility issues have seen companies like YouView invest heavily in how its products can be better suited to those with different needs, but the issue of improving subtitles and captions remains. 

While not every film on Vimeo is guaranteed to come with subtitles, directors will now have the option of adding their own basic subtitles for free, alongside the option to purchase professional-grade captions and subtitles through Amara, the world’s biggest subtitling company. 

Kerry Trainor, CEO, Vimeo said: “As our global audience continues to expand, Vimeo will continue to launch tools and services to better connect video creators and sellers with viewers worldwide.” 

Vimeo is growing its global offering, now enabling content to be translated into Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. 

Amara is currently on the lookout for a native speakers of a number of languages to assist with creating English subtitles and captions for international videos.