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Vimeo On Demand lets directors invite fans to watch for free

Vimeo is letting directors invite fans to watch their films for free by adding the option to generate promo codes. 

Directors can now also set different prices for rental and download to own and set the geographical availability of their films. Thanks to a new analytics tool, directors can keep track of how many people are watching trailers and paying for films and adjusting prices and availability accordingly. 

Vimeo On Demand launched back in March and lets directors who sign up to Vimeo Pro set the price for their movies. A Vimeo Pro subscription costs $199 (£126) and the minimum price you’re allowed to charge for a movie is $0.99 (£0.63). 

Vimeo On Demand lets directors invites fans to watch for free
Cult animator Don Hertzfeldt sets the prices for It’s Such A Beautiful Day

Being able to set prices for rentals and long term purchases will give directors extra flexibility to pitch films at Vimeo’s 100 million monthly unique visitors.

Dae Mellencamp, president of Vimeo said “Vimeo On Demand is constantly evolving to give creators the power to sell their work on their own terms, while enabling viewers to discover and consume high-quality content in the best way possible. The new features put more control in creators’ hands and give audiences more options to view amazing work.”

Viewers can access a growing on-demand library of over 2,000 titles all available in Full HD. While Vimeo currently offers films on a pay per view basis we understand that the company is considering launching a monthly subscription model, so customers to pay to watch as you would with Netflix or Lovefilm Instant. 

While Vimeo is pitching at indie directors, many customers find it more convenient to pay a monthly subscription. 

Vimeo on Demand is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Roku streaming devices and selected LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips smart TVs and connected Blu-ray players. 


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