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Virgin broadband-using PS4 owners may get Gigabit broadband

PS4-owning Virgin broadband customers may get faster broadband connections than everyone else as the cable provider ties up with Sony.

Sony’s next-next-gen gen console will launch in Europe on November 29 at a price of £349, with 15 exclusive games.

In one of the most information-light press releases ever issued to journalists, Virgin added that it will be Sony’s UK ISP launch partner for the PS4.

Virgin broadband-using PS4 owners may get faster broadband
The PS4 could unlock Gigabit speeds on Virgin’s network

“There’s going to be loads of exciting benefits for our customers but we have to keep the details under wraps for the time being,” Virgin’s statement continued.

Fortunately, Sony has announced a basket of similar partnerships worldwide, and the suggestion is that PS4 owners will have access to faster speeds than non-PS4-owning muggles.

Virgin is currently trialling 1.5Gbps connections at London’s Silicon Roundabout tech industry hub – more than 10 times faster than its nationwide 120Mbps top speed.

As a hint in this direction, Virgin will host the UK’s first PS4 live demo at the Eurogamer Expo in London next month, with a 1Gbps connection.

The Eurogamer Expo is sponsored by Virgin Media, and runs from September 26-29 at Earl’s Court.

Though Sony hasn’t demanded constant connectivity like it’s Xbox One rival, Sony told the Gamescom 2013 conference that online entertainment services will be both important and accessible to all.

“Over the past few years we’ve come to understand that gamers really value being able to use their consoles to watch movies, view catch-up TV, and listen to music,” said Jim Ryan, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. 

“It remains a fundamental part of our strategy to offer these services as a core component of our basic PlayStation service package, available to all and not put behind a subscription gate.”

PS4 buyers will get a 14-day free trial of Sony’s PlayStation Plus online games and entertainment subscription service.

Those buying a full year’s subscription – price to be announced – will get an extra 90 days free (making your first year 15½ months long).


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