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Virgin Media confirms trial of WiFi AC ‘SuperHub 3’

Virgin Media has confirmed that it’s trialling a new piece of hardware that features 802.11ac WiFi. Is this the SuperHub 3? 

While Virgin Media is remaining tight lipped on the specs and is still refusing to comment on rumours, the cable broadband provider has confirmed that it’s testing WiFi AC equipment right now. 

Dana Hashem, a Virgin Media spokesperson said: “A small group of Virgin Media trialists are trying out a piece of equipment that features 802.11ac WiFi technology. We are always looking to bring the best products and services to our customers and will keep everyone updated as and when we bring anything new to our existing line-up.”

Is Virgin Media testing a new SuperHub? Will it banish the memories of the first one?
Is Virgin Media testing a new SuperHub? Will it banish the memories of the first one?

The current WiFi router that Virgin Media bundles with its superfast up to 152Mbps packages features last-gen WiFi N (802.11n) technology. While Virgin Media says that the current Super Hub is future-proofed for its current services, a router with WiFi AC should provide higher WiFi speeds (up to 1Gbps) around the home. 

Previous versions of the SuperHub – specifically the first one – have been criticised for poor WiFi performance. 

Virgin Media’s research and development partners at the University of Bristol and Farncombe revealed the testing processes that SuperHubs go through, explaining why future SuperHubs won’t leave people languishing on weak connections like the first one did. 

A key feature of the current SuperHub 2 was adoption of dual-band technology – which allows for a less-congested WiFi network around the home. As well as this, you also got four gigabit Ethernet ports, letting customers plug in up to four devices for a more dedicated connection. We would expect dual-band WiFi and four gigabit ports to feature on the ‘SuperHub 3’ along with WiFi AC. 

Virgin Media isn’t keen on numbering its SuperHubs, so when the new hardware is released it might simply be branded ‘the new SuperHub’ instead of ‘SuperHub 3’. Whatever it’s called and whatever its specs are, we’ll let you know as soon as we know more. 


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