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Virgin Media launches Star Trek TiVo app

It’s Smart TV Jim, but not as we know it. Virgin Media has announced the launch of the Star Trek app for its Virgin Media TiVo set top box.

Timed to coincide with the launch of Star Trek: The Digitally Remastered Original Series on CBS Action, the Star Trek TiVo app features cast interviews with the likes of Leonard Nimoy, George Takei and Ilfracombe’s favourite Enterprise captain, William Shatner (click images to enlarge).

The app will also include 22 episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series available to watch on-demand plus two documentaries: A Captain’s Log and Beyond the Frontier.

There will also be a wealth of extra content hosted by professional Trekologist Raules Davies. Davies will take viewers on a fan’s eye tour of the UK’s Collectormania, London Film and Comic Con festivals and FedCon in Dusseldorf.

As an official partner of Destination Star Trek London, CBS Action has also shot interviews with all five captains which will be available on the App later on in the year.

The app itself is divided up into six sections which cover, catch-up TV, Specials (Star Trek: The Animated Series plus documentaries) Interviews, Events (coverage of fan events and conventions) an interactive quiz and ‘Supertreks’ an archive feature where you can select your favourite Enterprise crew member and watch a video showcasing their top five skills, as selected by Raules Davies.

Accessed through the ‘Apps and Games’ section, the Star Trek TiVo app is beaming down to Virgin Media TiVo boxes as we speak.

As an added bonus, for those of you who speak Klingon, we’ve included Virgin Media’s press release, written in Qo’noS’s native tongue:

“nIH retlhDaq Hov leng jan tu’lu’

DaHjaj pawta’ Hov leng jIjwI’ De’wI’ jan chu’qu’ ‘e’ jatlh *Virgin Media* *TiVo* pat; *CBS Action* chaw’ta’
Hov leng ngotlhwI’pu’ SeymoHlaHbej jan

*Virgin Media 192* wa’vatlh HutmaH cha’Daq labDI’ *CBS Action*Daq Hoch Hov leng lutmey bejlaH ngotlhwI’pu’ je janDaq De’ le’ luSam

*Virgin Media* *TiVo* jan tetlhDaq jan lu’chelta’ ‘ej janmey je QujmeyDaq chu’

wa’logh vI‘uyDI’ qIb Sep HopDaq ‘entepray’ seH pa’Daq lujol bejwI’pu’
pa’Daq HIDjolev luchIjlaH ‘ej Hov leng lutIvlaH


Protip: Doesn’t work with Google Translate.

UPDATED 28/06/2012: Updated to include correct app screenshots. Earlier screnshots shown were of an incomplete, work-in-progress version.