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Virgin Media: Line Rental and Collections bundles to increase in 2013

Virgin Media: Line Rental and Collections bundles to increase in 2013Virgin Media will be increasing the cost of its line rental from the February 1 onwards.

The standard rate of line rental, currently priced at £13.90/month will be going up by £1.09 to £14.99/month.

While this makes Virgin Media the latest ISP to crank up the costs of line rental, the new Line Rental Saver deal sees the cost work out at the equivalent of a tenner a month – paying £120 up front sees you saving nearly £60 – £59.88 in total.

As well as this, the price of many of Virgin Media’s services will be increasing next year.

For example the Collections – bundles of Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone services – will be going up as well.

The Classic Collection which combines 30Mbps broadband, 55 TV channels plus a 500GB TiVo box and unlimited weekend calls will go up from £31.90/month to £32.99/month from February next year.

We’ve included a table here explaining the price changes for the Collections, which are currently taken by over two-thirds of Virgin Media subscribers:

Virgin Media: Line Rental and Collections bundles to increase in 2013

Contacts at Virgin Media declined to share with us detailed price breakdowns for all services.

So far we’ve been told that “if a customer is on a promotional offer, such as six months half price, we will honour it,” adding that price changes would apply at the end of the promo period.

We understand that customers on legacy services will be affected but a clear pricing breakdown can’t be given due to multiple discounts and other variables.

Similarly, we weren’t able to get any new price info on Broadband Only – Virgin Media’s no frills, standalone broadband with no TV, calls or any extra services – though presumably as this service doesn’t require you to pay line rental there’s no price increase here.

Virgin Media did tell us that all customers would be contacted by letter detailing the exact price changes over the coming months. Punters will be free to leave their contracts early without having to pay any fees.

Customers with iPhones and Android phones might want to keep SmartCall in mind. Virgin Media’s forthcoming app will let you make voice calls wherever there’s WiFi and will see you making use of Virgin Media landline minutes in lieu of your regular network minutes.

SmartCall can be combined with Virgin Media’s Talk Unlimited Extra (XXL) which for £15/month gives you unlimited calls to all UK mobiles. Depending on what mobile deal you’ve got, SmartCall could see you haggling for a better deal with less minutes.

We’ve yet to try out SmartCall for ourselves so it remains to be seen how effective it is as a money saver.

We’ll post more information on Virgin Media’s price changes as and when we hear more.