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Virgin Media register ‘superdooper’ and ‘uberfast’ broadband site URLs

Virgin Media has registered two URLs for sites called ‘superdooperfastbroadband’ and ‘uberfastbroadband,’. 

Whether this is a new campaign touting the speed advantage that Virgin Media has over the likes of BT, Sky and TalkTalk or something else isn’t known. 

We know that the cable ISP has been trialling faster services since last December and we could see gigabit broadband speeds on the network as early as 2015

Virgin Media register ‘superdooper’ and ‘uberfast’ broadband site URLs
How fast is Super Dooper Fast?

We also know from Ofcom’s speed reports that Virgin Media’s superfast broadband products are generally delivering higher download speeds than the competition

These sites could be part of an upcoming campaign to press this speed advantage or they could herald something else. 

Uberfast in particular could suggest that promotion for an upcoming next-gen product, delivering faster speeds than superfast is in the pipeline. Or it could not. 

The two URLs were bought on popular domain registry service 123-Reg. Evidence of the purchases can be seen here and here

Joe Thomas from the Virgin Media press office hasn’t confirmed one way or another. Thomas says: “Virgin Media offers the UK’s fastest widely available broadband. 

In fact superfast is standard with Virgin Media because we know households need powerful broadband as they connect more gadgets and gizmos to the internet for longer, often at the same time. But whether superfast, megafast or super-duper fast, we already deliver more than superfast for millions of people today.”

The majority of Virgin Media’s broadband customers now receive superfast broadband, defined by the EU as any service that delivers download speeds of 30Mbps or above. 

Thanks to our source for the heads up.  


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