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Virgin Media undercuts Sky prices with Sky Sports 1-5 Season Ticket bundle

Virgin Media has announced a Season Ticket bundle which lets football fans sign up for Sky Sports 1-5 for over £120 less than normal. 

Available to new and existing Virgin TV customers, the Season Ticket deal sees you paying £150 up front at the start of the Premier League season. 

In return, you get ten month’s access to Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 and new channel Sky Sports 5, home to UEFA Champions League and Euro 2016 qualifiers and Sky Sports F1

World champion sprinter Usain Bolt sporting football gear: Is he pondering a career change?
World champion sprinter Usain Bolt sporting football gear: Is he pondering a career change?

It’s a deal that’s aimed squarely at football fans. While you only get the channels for ten months – not during the off-season period in other words – you’d save over £120 based on the current price and £140 after September.  

Normally in order to get these channels on Virgin TV you’d have to pay £27.25/month to get the Sky Sports Collection, which includes Sky Sports 1-5 and Sky Sports F1. 

From September 1, the cost of the Sky Sports Collection will be going up by £2, so by taking the Season Ticket, you’ll be effectively skipping this price rise. 

To get the channels in HD, you’ll still need to pay the additional £7/month. Unless you’re a Virgin TV XL customer you’ll need to fork out for BT Sport HD for the complete Premiership package. 

Dana Strong, chief operating officer at Virgin Media, said: “Virgin Media is now the home of all the major live sports in the UK in HD or on the go. This is the first time all the Sky and BT Sport channels will be available in one place, backed by superfast broadband, for a single great value price.
“It doesn’t matter if you are watching at home or on the go, you now have front row access to all the top sporting action with Virgin Media.”

That’s all well and good, but is it cheaper than if you go with Sky? 

The cheapest possible Sky Sports packages from Sky and Virgin Media – excluding broadband and home phone bundles – are as follows: 


  • Sky TV Original Bundle – £21.50/month
  • Sky+ HD 500GB set-top box – inc. free
  • Sky Sports – £24.50/month 
  • HD – £5.25/month

Total Monthly Cost: £51.25/month

Virgin Media

  • Virgin TV More TV – £11/month 
  • Virgin Media TiVo 500GB set-top box – £5/month
  • Season Ticket – £150 (£15/month for ten months)
  • HD – £7/month

Total Monthly Cost: £38/month

If you want, you can go even cheaper with Virgin TV by ditching the 500GB TiVo box in favour of the free V HD box. This will see you saving £5/month, but as a trade off you’ll lose the ability to record any matches and manage saved programmes with Virgin TV Anywhere

Overall that works out £13.25 less than Sky’s cheapest TV deal.

Of course, you won’t actually be paying £38/month with Virgin. You’ll have to stump up £150 up front. If you were paying for the Sky Sports Collection instead that would set you back £27.25 – £2.75 more than the sports channels cost with Sky.

Virgin Media’s Season Ticket is only available until September 1. After then, if you want to get all of the Sky Sports channels, the Sky Sports Collection with Virgin Media goes up to £29.25. 

When taken with More TV, the 500GB TiVo box and the HD pack, your total monthly cost would then go up to £52.25 – or £1 more than Sky’s current deal. 

Update: We were led to believe that Sky Sports F1 was not included in the Season Ticket deal. Sky Sports F1 is in fact included and our text has been changed to reflect this.


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