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Virgin Media stops selling ADSL National Broadband service

Virgin Media has stopped selling its ADSL-based National Broadband product to new customers. 

Existing customers will still be able to access the service, which will be made available on a 30 day rolling contract basis. But should a customer leave, they’ll not be able to renew. 

National Broadband uses the Openreach network and provides a basic service with a 40GB monthly cap (£9.99/month) along with an unlimited option (£15.99/month). 

Virgin Media stops selling ADSL National Broadband service
No more Virgin Media down the old phone lines for new customers

The change was made at the start of October. As of June 30, 2013, Virgin Media had 168,000 National Broadband customers. 

ISP Review reported the news, quoting Mark Wilkin from Virgin Media Support who said: “From the 1st of October we’re no longer selling National Broadband to new or existing customers who move to an area outside our cable network. As a company, we’ve decided to focus on developing services on our next generation cable network.” 

Gareth Mead, a Virgin Media spokesperson confirmed this, telling Recombu Digital: “As the fastest broadband company for the majority of the UK, Virgin Media customers expect incredible speeds. 

Unfortunately the ADSL technology, which is still used by three quarters of British consumers and supports our National service, cannot provide comparable connectivity to our own cable network. We will continue to serve our existing National customers but we’ve chosen to stop selling it to new customers.” 

Virgin Media’s cable network is currently available to roughly 55 per cent of the UK. Virgin Media has successfully trialled gigabit speeds on its network, but hasn’t committed to a launch date for any next-gen services, although we could start to see them land in 2015.  

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