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Virgin Media Twitter teams the most helpful, Sky fastest to respond

Virgin Media’s Twitter team has been hailed as the most helpful in an independent survey. 

Taking to Twitter to air your broadband grievances with your ISP is an effective way of getting your voice heard and all of the UK’s big ISPs have Twitter accounts poised and at the ready. 

But which of these is the fastest and which is the most effective? 

Virgin Media Twitter teams the most helpful, Sky fastest to respond
Helping Hands: Virgin Media’s Twitter team respond to a higher volume of tweets than their rivals

In terms of engaging with customers, Sky’s Twitter team has the fastest fingers, responding to 59 per cent of customers in under an hour, according to data obtained by research company WaveMetrix

Virgin Media’s team isn’t quite as quick to get in contact with beleaguered customers, but it ensures that the majority of problems it gets are dealt with within fewer than ten hours. By contrast, Sky customers who, if they don’t receive a reply with 1-6 hours, are likely to be kept waiting for longer. 

In terms of sheer volume, Virgin Media deals with more customer queries on Twitter than the other ISPs as its customer base is more socially active. In terms of the number of complaints dealt with it’s the most helpful. 

Virgin Media Twitter teams the most helpful, Sky fastest to respond

While BT and TalkTalk’s Twitter ninjas aren’t as speedy of wide ranging in their focus as their rivals, both ISPs work hard to resolve queries within 48 hours. Due to the volume of tweets that are slung at the Virgin Media and Sky accounts, some customers of these ISPs that slip through the nets can wait as long as five days before they get a response. 

The chart above gives you a rough idea of what to expect from each of the big ISPs Twitter teams. While you might get a better chance of speaking to someone at Virgin Media, the figures suggest that BT and TalkTalk will get to the root of your problem faster. 

Data like this can be useful when measuring up which broadband service to go for, as can Ofcom’s regular reports on customer satisfaction. The data above was drawn from a survey taken over a week between July 31 to August 7, during which Sky customers with Xbox 360’s suffered from a particular bug that was ironed out quickly. Note that things like network outages and problems beyond an ISPs control can also contribute to angry customer chatter, so take figures like this with a pinch of salt. 




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