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Virgin to double broadband speeds for most users

Virgin Media’s most popular broadband packages will be boosted to at least double their current speed from February.
The upgrade will see 10Mb, 20Mb, 30Mb and 50Mb speeds doubled or better, while 100Mb customers will be boosted to 120Mb.

The upgrade programme will continue over 18 months, with many customers receiving new modems free to help them access the new service.

Richard Branson and Usian Bolt

Neil Berkett, Virgin’s CEO, said: “The internet has become an integral part of our social, work and family lives, so we think our customers are going to love this.

“As people are increasingly doing more online, and getting connected to the internet with lots of different devices, having a fast, reliable broadband service should not be a luxury.

“We want to make sure that consumers have access to the best value broadband service and that means a superfast connection.”

The upgrades will raise 10Mb connections to 20Mb, 20Mb and 30Mb connections to 60Mb, 50Mb to 100Mb, and 100Mb to 120Mb.

Virgin will also increase upstream speeds and fair usage amounts in proportion with the increased download speeds.
The new cable modems received by many customers will also be capable of handling speeds up to 400Mb – it’s currently trialling a 200Mb and has tested speeds of up to 1.5Mbps over its fibre-optic cable network.

The speed upgrades won’t require changes to the cable network, but Virgin’s exchanges and data centres around the UK will have to be upgraded in a rolling programme until mid-2013. 


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