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Virgin Trains to launch free superfast WiFi on West Coast trains

Virgin Trains passengers will be able to surf as well as travel at high speeds once free WiFi is rolled out on West Coast trains. 

As part of a deal to continue running trains on the West Coast Main Line until March 2017, Virgin Trains has agreed to set up a WiFi network on all of the Pendolino and Super Voyager trains in the fleet.  

Network Rail intends to support by providing track-side infrastructure. The deployment would be the first major intercity deployment of 4G technology on the UK rail network. 

Train in Vain: Virgin's high speed trains will soon be bedecked with high-speed WiFi
Train in Vain: Virgin’s high speed trains will soon be bedecked with high-speed WiFi

As well as the free fast WiFi, Virgin Trains is also adding thousands more seats on lines and a new rewards programme for passengers. 

Patrick McCall, Virgin Trains Executive co-chairman said: “We know WiFi is high on our customers’ priorities and we’re delighted that we’re going to be able to offer them free and super-fast WiFi. 

“Together with thousands of extra seats and plans for new services, this deal will mean big improvements for millions of Virgin Trains passengers. The West Coast provides a vital artery between London and Scotland and it is crucial we do everything we can to improve services on this much-used route.” 

Last year, train operator East Coast announced plans to upgrade its on-board WiFi network, providing faster speeds and stronger signals for its passengers.