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Vispa wireless broadband brings 60Mbps to Cheshire villages

Wireless broadband provider Vispa has launched services in Winwick and Burtonwood, bringing up to 60Mbps speeds to residents.

Vispa is offering residents in the Cheshire villages the option of a 10Mbps Home Lite package, or a faster Home Premium 60Mbps service.

Costing £19.95 and £29.95 a month these come with 100GB and 200GB usage caps with AVG Security and VoIP thrown in. If you’re one of the many who are ditching the landline in favour of the mobile as your prime phone line then you could potentially do away with having to pay line rental as well.

Vispa wireless broadband brings 60Mbps to Cheshire villages

Businesses can take out the top tier SDSL 60Mbps service which costs £39.95 a month and comes with a 500GB cap.

All of the packages require a £99 install fee (when taken with an 18 month contract) and come with the option of unlimited downloads for an extra £5 a month. Business users also have the option of taking out a 1:1 contended service, up to 100Mbps, static IP and unlimited usage as standard.

Primarily serving customers and businesses in and around the Greater Manchester area, Vispa was launched in 1999. Vispa was invited by Warrington Borough Council to supply wireless broadband to Winwick and Burtonwood.