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What is Vispa wireless rural broadband?

What is Vispa? 

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Vispa Internet is an ISP based in Manchester the prominently provides wireless broadband services.  

As well as wireless, Vispa provides a mixture of home and business internet connections using ADSL, FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and wireless broadband, as well as online services such as VoIP landline calls, virtual servers and web hosting. 

What is Vispa wireless rural broadband?
Home is where the wireless broadband is: A look at a typical Vispa set up

Where does Vispa cover? 

Vispa DSL broadband and fibre are available throughout the UK, using LLU and FTTC exchanges on the BT Openreach network.

City Wireless serves areas of poor DSL and fibre coverage in Manchester and Cheshire. It’s based around transmitters in Manchester, Altrincham, Baguley, Wythenshawe, Warrington, Burtonwood and Winwick. 

What services does Vispa provide? 

Home and business broadband run at up-to-20Mbps, FTTC broadband at up-to-40Mbps and City Wireless works at up-to-60Mbps. All broadband connections come with an online control panel that lets customers monitor their usage, billing, web space and email.

Businesses can also get dedicated 100Mbps wireless leased lines, bonded DSL broadband and Ethernet leased lines.

Broadband customers can also get line rental and free calls, parental content filtering, AVG 2012 internet security licenses, extra static IP addresses, domain hosting and remote backup.

Vispa also provides wholesale broadband connections for resellers, website hosting packages from £5/month and virtual private servers from £30/month.

How much does Vispa cost?

Vispa’s Home Broadband starts from £7.50/month for 2GB monthly peak-time usage, up to £15/month for a 50GB usage.

Vispa FTTC Broadband starts at £21.99/month with a 25GB peak-time allowance, up to £51.99/month with 100GB downloads.

Wireless Broadband subscriptions start at £19.95/month for up-to-10Mbps speeds with a 100GB allowance, with a top tariff of £39.95/month for up-to-60Mbps with a 500GB peak-time usage. Installation costs from £99.

All Vispa broadband connections come with unlimited overnight usage, a static IP address, a free VOIP line (home only), five POP/IMPA mailboxes, email virus and spam scanner, and no port blocking or traffic shaping.

VAT-free business broadband connections start from £18/month with a 10GB monthly allowance, up to £44/month with 100GB. FTTC business connections run from £28/month with 10GB to £54/month with 100GB.

There’s also a simplified Ethernet First Mile tariff, for symmetric connections at up to 20Mbps each way and guaranteed quality of service. These cost either £249/month for up to 10Mbps or £324/month for 20Mbps.

What technology does Vispa wireless use?

A compact wireless antenna is fitted to a house where it has direct line of sight to a core transmitter (usually on an elevated location like a local hill), which connects via Ethernet to a wireless router in your home.

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