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Vodafone 4G unfurls in 80 locations across Greater London

Vodafone has announced the latest expansion to its 4G network which now reaches 80 towns and districts across Greater London. 

Customers and businesses from Harlow to Dorking will be able to tap into average speeds of 16Mbps and top speeds of 57Mbps on Vodafone’s 4G mobile and mobile broadband plans. 

Vodafone reveals that 100,000 customers are now using its 4G network, which initially launched in London before rolling out to Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield

Vodafone 4G unfurls in 80 locations across Greater London
Devices able to make use of Vodafone’s 4G network come with the ‘4G Ready’ tag in stores

Read our guide to 4G in the UK and the 4G spectrum auction and what it meansGuy Laurence, chief executive for Vodafone UK reveals that the network hasn’t been sitting around and is on track to have connected 98 per cent of the population by 2015. Laurence says: “We’ve been switching on a new site in the London area every half an hour and now people in more than 80 towns and districts can enjoy Vodafone 4G.” 

Next in Vodafone’s sights for 4G are the citizens of Liverpool, who’ll be able to enjoy 4G from October 17 onwards. Glasgow will get 4G on October 24 and rollout will follow in Manchester shortly afterwards. 

As if the lure of faster download speeds on mobiles, tablets, dongles and MiFis wasn’t enough, Vodafone is also bundling Sky Sports Mobile and Spotify Premium access with its 4G contracts. Laurence adds: 

“We’re giving people a reason to get excited about 4G and more than 100,000 have already joined in. We’re also giving busy businesses a boost by helping them take their office with them when they’re out and about… So, the question for even more people now is: which do you want – music or sport?” 

Vodafone has a mast-sharing agreement with O2, which sees the two networks rolling out 4G more or less in tandem with one another. It’ll be a while before they can catch up with EE, which launched 4G a year ago and provides services to over 100 towns and cities across the UK. Three won’t be launching 4G in the UK until December, but it won’t be charging customers any extra.  


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