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Wattio smart home energy saving system demos iOS app

Wattio is the latest company to demonstrate a smart home solution that lets you control appliances with your iPhone. 

Much like Valta, Wattio lets you remotely turn off all devices that have been left switched on or on standby and vice versa. The app will keep a real time track of your home’s energy consumption and offer advice on how to keep your bills low. 

The temperature of your water, heaters and air conditioners throughout the home can also be adjusted from either your iOS device if you’re away from home or on the couch, or from a static touchscreen thermostat. 

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to WiFi and Smart Home TechnologyMains appliances connected to a Wattio smart plug, which communicate with the control panel, can be remotely controlled with the phone or a desktop app. 

The basic Wattio kit costs €199 (£167) and includes a control panel, an energy monitor and a single smart plug. For an extra €33 (£27) on top of that, you can get a couple of extra smart plugs.  

As well as this, the service also promises security alerts, letting you know if there’s a gas leak, or if someone unwanted is in your home by communicating with door and motion sensors.  

The product launches in December this year and the launch is initially limited to Spain and the Balearic Islands. We’re chasing up for details of a UK launch, but in the meantime any British expats or holidaymakers headed to the peninsula might want to check out Wattio in order to smarten up their home away from home. 


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