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Which catch-up TV channels are on Sky Anytime+? ‘On Demand’ brand to replace ‘Anytime’

What’s new for catch-up TV on Sky Anytime+ on Sky+HD?

BBC iPlayer coming to Sky+HD boxes October 30

BBC iPlayer is headed to Sky+HD boxes next Tuesday, October 30, bringing episodes of EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing on-demand to Sky screens.

The Beeb’s popular streaming service will join Sky Anytime+, providing subscribers with fast access to their favourite BBC programmes. From here you’ll also be able to access shows from ITV Player, Demand 5 and Sky channels including Sky 1, Sky Atlantic and Sky Living.

BBC iPlayer coming to Sky Anytime on Sky+HD boxes

The automatic rollout will start hitting both the standard Sky+HD DRX890 500GB box as well as the newer flagship 1TB Sky+HD box from next Tuesday onwards.

We’ll update with more info when we have it as well as hands-on pictures and video.

October 26, 2012

Sky Anytime+ will be renamed Sky On Demand this autumn, with the updates phased in across different models of Sky+HD, starting this month with the DRX890 and the flagship Sky+HD 1TB boxes.

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September 6, 2012

Channel 5 will join the BBC and ITV in a dedicated catch-up TV category on Sky Anytime+ on Sky+HD later this year.

Flagship shows Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother, The Bachelor, and The Hotel Inspector will appear in a Channel 5 listing and a Demand 5 player in the new section.

BBC iPlayer will also launch into the catch-up category and ITV Net Player will join it, alongside the existing ITV channel in Sky Anytime+.

July 27, 2012

Channels on Sky Anytime+

Where can I find catch-up TV on Sky Anytime+ on Sky+HD?

Press the Red button in the Sky HD guide, or look for the Anytime logo (above) in the top-most menu bar.

Use the cursor keys to go right until you reach the Channels button, press select, and you’ll find all the channels which have catch-up on Sky Anytime+.

In late 2012, Sky will add a Catch-up TV section to Anytime+, which will contain versions of BBC iPlayer, ITV Net Player and Demand 5, developed specially for Sky+HD, plus catch-up from other channels on Sky.

Sky Anytime+ has being renamed Sky On Demand during late Summer 2012, and further updates can be found at the Catch Up TV on Sky On Demand page.

Can I watch BBC iPlayer on Sky Anytime+ on Sky+ HD?

Not yet. The BBC iPlayer and a BBC channel section are expected to arrive on Sky Anytime+ in Autumn 2012.

Can I watch ITV Net Player on Sky Anytime+ on Sky+ HD?

ITV Net Player will launch in Autumn 2012, but you can already catch-up with ITV programmes via the ITV list in the Channels section of Aky Anytime+.

Can I watch 4oD on Sky Anytime+ on Sky+ HD?

4oD will join Sky Anytime+ in early 2013.

Can I watch catch-up for Sky channels on Sky Anytime+ on Sky+ HD?

All of the Sky-branded channels have a listing in Sky Anytime+, with access depending on your subscription package.

Can I watch other channels on Sky Anytime+ on Sky+ HD?

G.O.L.D., Dave, Good Food and Yesterday are listed in the Channels menu on Sky Anytime+, along with the History family of channels and Discovery channels. Access depends on your subscription package.

How do I connect my Sky+HD box to the internet for Sky Anytime+?

The simplest way is to connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the socket on the back of your Sky+HD box.

If your router is not within a few metres of your Sky+HD box, Sky recommends that you purchase the Sky Wireless Connector, which will cost £60.

You could also use Powerline Ethernet adapters make a connection via your home’s electricity cables and sockets.

This guide explains in more detail how to get Sky Anytime+ on your Sky+HD box.

Do I need Sky Broadband to use Sky Anytime+?

No, you can use Sky Anytime+ with any internet service provider.

Does watching Sky Anytime+ count against my ISP’s download allowance?

Yes, even if you have Sky Broadband. A typical hour of HD TV can be more than 2GB, so you should get an unlimited broadband contract if you use Sky Anytime+ regularly.


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