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Apple TV Guide: Your one-stop hub for TV shows

For years Apple has been rumoured to be readying its own TV sets and even its own exclusive TV shows, but Samsung, Netflix and the rest need not worry. What Apple has in fact been doing is simply developing its own TV guide system.

According to sources of Recode, there are no plans for an Apple television any time soon, nor is Apple going to start making and airing its own shows as previously rumoured. Plenty of leaks suggested most talks with television companies saw Apple left with nothing. Now it appears the fruit giant plans to not sell shows at all, but rather a system that cleverly guides people to the shows they want to watch.

The Apple TV guide will reportedly collate information about what’s available to watch via apps all in one place, without users having to dip in and out of each to find what’s on.

This was teased at WWDC back in June when Apple talked about its ”single sign-on” plan. Apple has since begun talking to programmers about sharing metadata so Apple can offer a guide in one place, says Recode.

A one-stop-shop for TV could make Apple the go-to place for viewing TV. This would put the company in a powerful position, much like it did with the music industry when iTunes arrived. The downside for the industry is that individuals will be focused on shows which may hinder programmers’ abilities to push their own shows via their apps.

Expect the Apple TV guide platform to be US-focused initially, as many of Apple’s TV viewing apps are more developed over in the States (for now at least). Hopefully it will come to the UK soon, just like Apple Pay and other iServices.


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