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What is B4GAL: Fibre broadband for rural Scotland takes a leaf out of B4RN’s book

What is BAGAL? 

B4GAL: Fibre broadband for rural southern Scotland takes a leaf out of B4RN’s bookB4GAL is a rural broadband plan which aims to bring FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband to nine nine rural Southern Upland villages in Scotland. 

An acronym of Broadband for Glencaple and Lowther, the B4GAL team have taken a leaf out of B4RN’s book in their ambitions to deploy FTTP broadband to every home.

Currently, none of the four exchanges that supply broadband to the villages have been earmarked for superfast upgrades by BT. Instead of being left on the wrong side of the digital divide, residents have decided to take action.

The B4GAL network aims to cover Abington, Crawford, Crawfordjohn, Elvanfoot, Lamington, Leadhills, Roberton, Wanlockhead and Wiston.

How fast is BAGAL broadband?

BAGAL’s Twitter account has confirmed that 1Gbps won’t be available from launch due to backhaul costs, but notes that this kind of service will be available in the future if the demand for it is there.

We won’t know for sure until further details of the project are announced.

Expressions of interest are being gathered right now alongside funding. There’s no end date for the project just yet, but B4GAL hopes to start work this May. In terms of the services available on the B4GAL network, we don’t yet know how fast the services will be, but we know that initially 1Gbps speeds won’t be offered.

We’ll update with more information on B4GAL as and when we hear more.


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