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What is Cat Sorter VR, the crazy new feline organisation game for HTC Vive?

Do you like sorting cats? Then Cat Sorter VR is likely to be high on your must-buy list, as long as you have a powerful PC and an HTC Vive headset.

Independent game developer Pawmigo Games has just announced a new VR title for the Vive which is bound to get feline fans purring in anticipation. The game is called Cat Sorter VR and it looks absolutely mental, not to mention adorable. And pretty damn weird.

What do you actually do in Cat Sorter VR?

Cat Sorter VR casts you as a factory worker, tasked with fixing and organising a crazy variety of kittens which are churned out by a conveyor belt.

As the kitties are spat out, you’ll need to snatch them up and apply any necessary repairs to get them ship shape. For instance, you might need to add a limb, replace a wonky eye or even give them a proper butt hole, depending on the state of them. When you’re done, just toss them into the virtual hoop and off they go.

Speed is the key to success here, with you making your refinements and moving onto the next cat in line in double-quick time for any chance of success.

Spencer Stuard, Pawmigo game designer, said: “Cat Sorter VR is unlike any cat game with simple pick-up-and-play control mechanics. We are delighted to give cat lovers attending CatCon the opportunity to be the very first to experience the fresh gameplay and light-hearted humor of Cat Sorter VR.”

Can you play Cat Sorter VR with friends?

While Cat Sorter VR can be played alone, if you’re so inclined, it will surely prove itself a hilarious title when enjoyed with a couple of good mates (and possibly some alcoholic beverages).

When played in a group, the game allows you to directly compete with friends and family for the best score. Of course, you’ll have to all take it in turns, which gives ample opportunity to offer up your full support and encouragement to whoever’s in the helmet. Ahem.

Can I try out Cat Sorter for myself?

The first playable demo of Cat Sorter VR will be make an appearance at CatCon 2017, hosted at the Pasadena Convention Center between August 12-13. If you’re heading along, make sure to check out Pawmigo Games at Booth #905.

When will Cat Sorter VR be released on PC?

This fluffy VR title will be available for the HTC Vive platform from August 29. You can purchase the game via the Steam store, although we’re not sure on the asking price just yet.

What are the Cat Sorter VR system requirements?

To get your cat sorting game on the go, you’ll need a reasonably beefy PC. The ‘specifurcations’ as set out by the developers include a 2.5GHz Core i5 processor or better, backed by at least 8GB of RAM, as well as an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti or better.

You’ll also need an HTC Vive headset and controllers to actually play the game, of course.


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