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What is iLovebroadband? Wireless 50Mbps broadband comes to Thirsk and Kettlewell

iLovebroadband has switched on a new wireless broadband mast in Thirsk, bringing speeds of up to 50Mbps to residents of the Yorkshire market town.

Via Twitter the community project announced that ‘if you can see the White Horse on Sutton Bank [then] you can enjoy superfast broadband.’

Normally if you see a pale horse it’s a sign of the impending apocalypse – in Thirsk it just means you can get wireless broadband.

What is iLovebroadband? Wireless 50Mbps broadband comes to Thirsk and Kettlewell

iLovebroadband’s site offers superfast broadband services up to 50Mbps – download and upload speeds – for homes and businesses. Other deals include similar 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps services.

The 50Mbps service from iLovebroadband is now also available in Kettlewell, and planning permission has been approved for three new masts in the Upper Wharfedale, extending the range of iLovebroadband’s coverage around Kettlewell and beyond.

September 28, 2012

What is iLovebroadband?

iLovebroadband is part of LN Communications Limited, a provider of rural broadband based in East Yorkshire.

Specialising in supplying wireless broadband to parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire where traditional fixed lines can’t do the job, iLovebroadband offers a range of packages for homes and businesses.

All of iLovebroadband’s services offer symmetrical speeds. That is to say on a 5Mbps package you’ll get 5Mbps download speeds and 5Mbps upload speeds.

iLovebroadband’s packages currently work out as follows:

iLovebroadband Home Package

Download speed: 5Mbps
Upload speed: 5Mbps
Monthly usage: 10GB
Total monthly cost: £12.99/month

iLovebroadband Family Package

Download speed: 10Mbps
Upload speed: 10Mbps
Monthly usage: 20GB
Total monthly cost: £18.99/month

iLovebroadband Extra Package

Download speed: 20Mbps
Upload speed: 20Mbps
Monthly usage: Unlimited
Total monthly cost: £23.99/month

Main image credit: Flickr user alh1


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