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What is TFL Group? St. Davids Cathedral gets 10Mbps wireless broadband

TFL Group has brought 10Mbps to St. David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire in west Wales. The Catherdral including the grounds and site management offices can now get 10Mbps wireless broadband where before no such service was available.

St. Davids is one of the UK’s many broadband blackspots where in some parts the existing lines are so bad that even making voice calls on them is a challenge, let alone dial-up internet. Broadband? Forget it – the nearest BT exchange is 17 kilometers away. Even with an FTTC enabled exchange, unless a premises is under 3 kilometres away from an upgraded cabinet you’re not going to see much of a difference anyway.

What is TFL? St. Davids Cathedral gets 10Mbps wireless broadband

Provider of wireless internet TFL Group (not to be confused with Transport for London) used money from the Welsh Broadband Support Scheme (BSS) to bring broadband services to the Cathedral.

TFL Group has also brought wireless broadband to the city of St. David’s itself and has set up community broadband projects for the villages of Mynachlog-ddu and Llanddewi Velfrey. In total, TFL Group provides wireless broadband to over 3,000 customers. 

Image credit: Flickr user Mafalda 2001